Handmade Floral daisy Leather Bag

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Classic leather carrier bag hand crafted by local artisan Chaiyo. This unique design is made with genuine leather and hand detailed with lovely floral patterns and colors. You'll definitely standout in the crowd with this one-of-a-kind, artisan-made leather bag.

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Artisan Chaiyo’s first experiences with leather crafts came at the age of 9, when he started helping his father who was the village tanner. He learned the process of processing the animal hide into actual leather, which he then transformed into purses and belts. Fast forward many years and Chaiyo has now become a master leatherworker. His experiences have taught him how to craft original designs with a tropical vibe, which are vibrant and colorful. We love Chaiyo’s pieces because they reflect creativeness and uniqueness that is all his own. Influenced by tropical flowers with accents full of color, his pieces are simply amazing.

“I believe that fashion trends today are always changing, and you must be daring in your designs to stay relevant. This is why I try to be innovative with my creations. Blending a mix of vibrant color with different patterns results in beautifully unique pieces. I love working with leather because the journey the leather takes to get to the final product is amazing. The durability of the material makes for stylish accessories that will last a lifetime. I combine tradition and fashion to create these products that are all made by hand. Thanks to AeraVida, I have the ability to access to a huge marketplace for my work and this helps me to earn a steady income. For this I am truly grateful.”


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SKU: PL-0002-WHT
Color: White
Style: Cross-body, messenger, shoulder
Construction: Handcrafted
Lining: Leather
Weight: 188.2 grams
Measurement: Width 2", Height 5.5", Length 7.5"
Strap: 45" long plus 2 more holds extention
Drop Length: 22"
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