Delicate Daisy Flower Brown and Black Concaving Mango Tree Wood Vase

  • $28.99

When designing new pieces for his family business, Khun Thanat draws inspiration from the scenery around his village in northern Thailand. Tropical flowers grow abundantly there, and this has inspired him to create this truly stunning wooden vase. The natural beauty found in a flower is the ongoing theme for this design. Hand carved from a single piece of mango wood, this vase measures in with a height of 14 inches tall. A beautiful 2-tone color scheme brings out the unique grain of the wood while the dark stain brings a stylish contrast to the piece. A wonderful wooden vase that will add a touch of Thailand to your home d├ęcor.

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, minor differences in design, sizing, and weight will occur from piece to piece. The exact measurements may vary slightly. Pictures may not be true to scale, please check the dimensions for the actual size.

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Sarunya has been drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of her homeland to express her artistic talents for nearly ten years. She has a small workshop in Northern Thailand, where she and other family members practice their craftsmanship. At her workshop, only manual tools are used which helps achieve finely detailed work and artistry.

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SKU: HW-0247-BRN
Condition: New
Color: Brown
Material: Mango tree wood
Finish: Mango tree wood
Style: Home garden, handmade, decor, nature, wedding decoration, tabletop vase
Weight: 0.91 lbs
Width: 4 inches diameter, Inside 3.2 inches diameter
Height: 14 inches tall
Care instructions: Use with dried flowers, silk flowers, artificial flowers
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