Elephant Tropical Garden Gilded 24k Gold Hand Carved Wood Wall Art

  • $98.99

A royally decorated Thai elephant marches proudly in this intricate hanging relief carving crafted by Khun Thanat from Thailand. Hand made from raintree wood, each panel is expertly carved by hammer and chisel in low relief showcasing finely detailed openwork. Accents of mirrored glass and gold leaf provide for a truly unique piece of home decor which immediately adds a cultural flair to the interior design of any room. Position this carving near a window or light source to fully appreciate the grandeur and artistic dedication of each piece. AeraVida is the leading supplier of Thai artwork and invites you to check out our other products in this collections for additional sizes and styles.


Thanat has been drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of his homeland to express his artistic talents for nearly ten years. He has a small workshop in Northern Thailand, where he and other family members practice their craftsmanship. At his workshop, only manual tools are used which helps achieve finely detailed work and artistry.

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SKU: HW-0087-GLD
Condition: New
Color: Gold
Material: Teak wood, Gold Leaf(24k gold), Mirrored Glass, Gold Paint
Finish: Teak wood
Style: Wall art, home decor, home accessory, elephant, animal
Weight: 2.6 lbs
Width: 12 inches
Length: 17.5 inches
Thickness: 0.5 inches
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