Leisurely Couple Elephant Hand Carved Wood Wall Art Panel Set

  • $68.99

A pair of graceful elephant calves dance and hold their trunks high in this rectangular teak wood dual relief panel carving set of two. Artisan Khun Thanat from Thailand masterfully works with chisel and knife to achieve the fine detail of this eye catching relief carving. The deep wood tones and uniquely Thai inspired theme adds a spiritual flair to just about any wall. Each panel is 12 inches tall and 8 inches wide and the together they work beautifully upon bathroom walls, hallways, foyers and as small accent pieces above small tables. AeraVida is the leading supplier of Thai artwork and invites you to check out other products in this collection for additional sizes and styles.


Artisan Busaba gets her inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of her homeland, which she expresses through her artistic designs. Using wood as a canvas, she expresses herself through her carvings. She has been perfecting her own style for nearly over years while selling her pieces locally in her small workshop in Northern Thailand. Her skill was entirely self-taught, and she has mastered her craft through hard work, patience and determination. We are excited to show the world her beautiful designs and we hope you love her work as much as we do.

“Each piece that I create takes many hours to complete. I first create the design in my mind and then I focus on that image only. I cut and shape the wood until my vision comes through.

I am very happy to have this partnership with AeraVida, because they have allowed me to expand my business and I am now teaching my craft to my employees. Not only am I helping them earn a good income while creating jobs for the community, I am also passing my art on to the next generation”.

- Busaba

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SKU: HW-0134-BRN
Condition: New
Color: Brown
Material: Teak Wood
Finish: Teak Wood
Style: Wall art, home decor, home accessory
Weight: 1.78 lbs total
Height: 11.5 inches per piece
Length: 7.5 inches per piece
Thickness: 0.5 inches thick per piece
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