Powerful Elephant Head Wood Tealight Candle Holder

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In Chinese and Asian cultures, the elephant is symbolic of happiness, longevity and good luck. This Aera Vida original piece depicts this storied creature by featuring the bust of an Asian elephant with a pedestal tray supporting two vase shaped tealight candle holders. This piece comes to life when the candles are lit and adds a serene and cultural ambiance to nearly any room. Artisan Aree proudly hand crafts this piece from locally sustainable rain tree wood in her village in northern Thailand.


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The city of Lampang, in Northern Thailand, is known for its lush jungles filled with trees. Once a hub for the logging industry, a large number of elephants once lived and worked in the city. The Thai Elephant Conservation Center, whose goal is protecting these amazing pachyderms, is also located in Lampang. This tropical paradise is where artisan Aree calls home. She first learned the art off wood carving from her father when she was just 8 years old. Now Aree is a well renowned master wood carver in Lampang, and with her skill with a hammer and chisel, she creates truly unique pieces of home décor. Elegant and beautiful, her one-of-a-kind pieces will add a beautiful touch of Thailand to any room in your home.

“I love the feeling that wood has, the grain and the color is beautiful to me. That I feel joy when the wood is transformed into something beautiful. I have been making wood carvings for many years and it is much harder now to make a living. There are many competitors, making it difficult to get a good price. Some designs take days or even weeks to complete and the cost of materials is also increasing. That is why I am very grateful for my partnership with AeraVida, because with their help I can reach new customers. Because of our partnership, I am able to employ my relatives and neighbors so that I may help my community to earn income. This allows me to keep the old traditions alive and that is what motivates my work.” -Aree

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SKU: HW-0074-BRN
Condition: New
Color: Brown
Material: Rain tree wood
Finish: Rain tree wood
Style: Home decor, elephant, handmade
Weight: 1.31 lbs
Width: 8 inches wide
Length: 5 inches long
Height: 10.5 inches tall
Candle holder size: 1.7 inches diameter
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