Universal Peace Symbol Aum or Ohm .925 Sterling Silver Band Ring-6

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Artisan Khun O' wonderfully designed this modern sterling silver ring. The ring design features the Om symbol as the centerpiece with the Endless Knot etched along the band. A truly unique ring that represents perfect harmony.

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Artisan Khun O’s family owns a small silver trading company in the country-side, which is located outside the major city of Chiang Mai. This is where she was first introduced to the art of jewelry making, as many talented artisans would buy the raw silver they needed from her family. This is also where she met her future husband Nugoon, who was a young silversmithing apprentice at the time. After they were married, the two of them relocated to Bangkok to start their own business. They currently own a store on the very busy Khao San Road, which is visited by many backpackers and tourists, who often shop in the area. We are excited about our partnership with Khun O because her designs are unique, modern, and trendy. She loves her work and takes pride in it, which always make for beautiful handcrafted jewelry.

“My jewelry is influenced by what I see around me, I look for inspiration in nature, from what is trendy and popular and from old traditional designs. It’s a mix of many things, which is where my creativeness comes in. I am proud of my designs and It brings me great happiness to see others enjoying my work. This is what I love doing, so each design carries a little piece of me with it. I hope my jewelry brings you happiness when you wear it, as it brought me happiness when I created it.

-Khun O

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SKU: PR-0405-8.5
Condition: New
Size: 8.5
Metal: Solid Sterling Silver
Finish: Oxidized, polished
Style: Celtic, Om
Weight: 4.5 grams (weighted average for rings sizes 6 through 9)
Om Measurements: 8 mm (0.314 in) diameter
Band Measurement: 5 mm
Trademark: Stamped 925
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