Yao Hill Tribe

Chaing Mai TH

Since March 4, 2016

Living in small communities in northern Thailand, the Yao Hill Tribe originally hail from Southern China. Their villages can often be found in mountainous areas, where the climate is cooler, in areas around both Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. The Yao are expert embroiders and are renowned for beautiful clothing and textiles. They are also known to be impressive silversmiths and their handcrafted jewelry creations are highly regarded. Many of the designs from the Yao are ancient in origin and have been passed down generation by generation. Recently, many Yao silversmiths have started to create more mainstream jewelry designs which appeal to a larger market. This allows them to support their family and community while maintaining a link to the traditions and heritage of their unique culture.

My Items

Field of Daisy Floral Carving Thai Yao Tribe Solid Silver Cuff

  • $109.99

Enchanted Dragonfies on Circle HillTribe Silver Earrings

  • $45.99

Hammered Hidden Daisy Dangle Hill Tribe Silver Earrings

  • $31.99

Double Headed Dragon Balinese Thai Yao Tribe Silver Bracelet-8

  • $119.99