We take pride in our handmade jewelry and our customer service. Our customers come first and we strive to give you a positive and happy shopping experience. The following are common questions by other customers. They are provided here for quick reference. Please do not hasitate to ask us any question you may have.


What is fair trade and why should you care as a consumer?

Fair trade organizations such as Aeravida seek out jewelry artisans and groups from the developing world. Such organizations aim to help these artisans attain self-reliance and self-sufficiency. You can read more about our fair trade initiative here.

Will my jewelry gift be exactly the same as the picture?

We only supply handmade jewelry and as such each piece is unique and may be slightly different. Every effort is made to show you the most detailed pictures of each jewelry piece and you can click to enlarge them, or show alternative views, and any slight variations are natural and tend to enhance the piece.

Where are these items made and can you tell me a little about the craftspeople who make them?

The jewelry are sourced directly from the craftsmen and women of Thailand and the Philippine Islands. As we deal directly with the artisans; we ensure that they get the full market value for their pieces and are paid directly. The artisans are very excited about selling their pieces to different places around the world and it benefits their families by providing a more regular income. We never ask them to repay the money for any piece that is returned, so you don’t have to worry if you send a piece back. This arrangement enables you to select from the most authentic jewelry designs at affordable prices, made exclusively in Thailand and the Philippine Islands and not readily available anywhere else.

What is 925 sterling silver?

Silver is a precious metal and, much like gold, is too fine to be utilized in a 100% pure form. To make it durable enough for use in jewelry, pure silver, which has 0.999 fineness (99.9%), is often combined with small quantities of copper (7.5%). The copper is added to strengthen the silver and the resulting product is .925 sterling silver (92.5%).


I received the package in the mail today, but it is damaged. What do I do?

We thoroughly inspect each item before shipping. We know that the shippers are rough with the packages. On rare occasions during transport, items may be damaged. If you receive an item that is missing a stone or damaged in some other way, please contact us immediately.

When will my package arrive?

All orders received before 9 am central time will ship same day. Order received after cutoff time will ship next business day. Shipping transit times varies depending on the shipping method. It also depends on your shipping route. Please see our fulfillment policy for more details.

I am not sure what size ring I need. Do you have a ring sizer?

Yes, you can find our ring sizing guide here.

How do I return an item?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our items. You may return an item in for a refund of the purchase price with in 30 days of the original delivery date. Please note that shipping and handling is non refundable. Please contact us for return authorization and instructions.