Pratunam TH

Since October 2, 2008

Sawanee grew up in Norther Thailand close to the Myanmar border. Her parents were farmers but Sawanee knew from an early age that she wanted to do something creative and artful. Sawanee had an aunt who owned a small silver jewelry shop nearby so she would go help her in her spare time. It was here that she learned and honed her craft. Sawanee is inspired by Nature and loves to combine silver and native stones in her designs. She was able to start a small workshop in Bangkok where she now lives with her husband and children.

My Items

Plain and Casual 1mm Cable Chain 16-inch Sterling Silver Necklace

  • $10.99

Turtle Walking Leisurely Link Sterling Silver Bracelet-6.75

  • $35.99

Contempo Plain .925 Silver Choker Necklace-2mm

  • $28.49