Chaing Mai TH

Since September 27, 2008

Like most people who were born or live in or around Chang Mai, artisan Khun Ploy has been surrounded by talented silversmiths all her life. This region of Thailand is known throughout the world for its beautiful artwork and fine silver jewelry. Being in Chang Mai has helped her to hone her skills with sterling silver and she has been able to foster that talent into a successful business. Ploy works with local women from small silversmith villages in the area, which helps them to all earn a decent living.

“Working with sterling silver has been a tradition in my family for a very long time, so much so, that being a silver artisan was truly my destiny. I am very grateful that I have been able to turn this skill into a thriving business that helps me support my family. I share this blessing by employing other local silver artisans, allowing the traditions of my people live on. I am excited to see where this partnership with AeraVia will go, because it will allow me to reach a larger market all over the world.” -Ploy

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Movable Sea Turtle Swimming Sterling Silver Necklace

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