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Since October 2, 2017

Tik was raised in the southern part of Thailand in a small town next to the ocean. At an early age, she noticed the immense beauty found within a simple seashell. She loved the intricate and beautiful patterns and vibrant colors within the shells. This sparked her passion for creating art, and she uses her love of the ocean as inspiration to create her amazing pieces of jewelry and home decor. Tik has grown her passion into a flourishing business which helps her support her family. Her story is truly an inspirational story about hard work and following your passion.

“I started selling my pieces at the local markets and through hard work and determination, I was able to grow my business. After a few years, I was able to move to the city of Bangkok, which helped me to expand my business. I am very happy to have this relationship with AeraVida and I am excited about what the future holds. My designs reflect my love of the ocean and I hope that they bring you happiness and joy when you wear them or display them in your home.” - Tik

My Items

Elegant Square Shaped Mosaic of Abalone Shell Post Earrings

  • $14.99

Trendy Upside-Down Fan Shaped Mosaic of Abalone Shell Dangle Earrings

  • $13.99

Adorable Baby Sea Turtle from Hand Carved Mother of Pearl Shell Stud Earrings

  • $11.69

Chic Rounded Teardrops of Mosaic Abalone Shell Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

  • $37.09

Ocean-Inspired Brown Lip Tiger Shell Mosaic Cuff Bracelet

  • $34.99