Royal Rocking Horse Sterling Silver .925 Pin Cushion Keepsake Figurine

  • $73.79

A decorative royal rocking horse figurine is hand crafted from sterling silver .925 and adorns a saddle of luxurious bright red velvet. Artisan Nuch initially intended this piece as a pin cushion but has found that many customers choose to use this piece as a decorative keepsake because of the striking combination of red velvet and gleaming silver.


The northern region of Thailand is well known for its handmade crafts and art and this is where artisan Khun Nuch grew up. Her parents would create and sell intricate wood carvings at local markets to provide for the family. While visiting the market with her father, she noticed another artisan who was selling her beautiful silver jewelry. She was drawn to the beauty of the metal and at that moment, she knew she wanted to learn how to make silver jewelry. Nuch earned an apprenticeship with a renowned silver artisan and has been perfecting her craft for over 10 years. She now owns and operates a small jewelry shop where she sells her own designs. Her pieces are both beautiful and meaningful and she loves sharing her creations with the world.

“I have come from a family of artisans and creating art is in my blood. I am very blessed to be able to have turned my love of arts and crafts into a flourishing business. I am grateful for the partnership with AeraVida because it allows me to expand my business to a bigger market. This in turn helps me to support my family while carrying the traditions of my culture into the future.” - Nuch

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SKU: PO-0011-RED
Condition: New
Metal: Sterling silver
Material: Red velvet
Finish: Shiny, polished
Style: Rocking horse, Keepsake, pin cushion
Weight: 25.3 grams
Overall measurements: 50 mm (1.96 inches) wide x 61 mm (2.40 inches) long
Trademark: Stamped 925
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