Promise Of Love Royal Claddagh Sterling Silver Toe or Pinky Ring

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A popular symbol for many centuries, the Claddagh design features two hands holding a heart that is topped with a crown, which represents friendship, love, and loyalty. Legend says that the story of the Claddagh is a story about lost love that was later reunited. The time apart did not cause their love to fade. This romantic tale has inspired Thai artisan Amp to create this amazing piece featuring the symbolic Claddagh. Beautifully timeless, these handcrafted ring represents an infinite love. Truly a meaningful gift for friends, family members and loved ones.

NOTE: Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, minor differences in design, sizing and weight will occur from piece to piece. The exact measurements may vary slightly. Pictures may not be true to scale, please check the dimensions for the actual size.


"My name is Amp and I am from northwest Thailand close to the Myanmar border. I have been working with silver for almost 10 years. Several of my family members are also working with me helping me design new pieces. I love jewelry that is modern and trendy so I do a lot of research in fashion magazines and shows to understand what the current trends may be. I also enjoy taking a classic design and adding my own creative twist. My work is difficult but I could not dream of doing anything else, especially when I get the opportunity to work with my family."

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SKU: PT-0095-0
Condition: New
Metal: Sterling Silver
Style: Fashion, claddagh, heart, royal, crown
Weight: 1 grams
Design Measurements: 8 mm (0.31 Inches) wide x 24 mm (0.94 inches) long
Band measurement: 2 mm
Size: Adjustable
Trademark: Stamped 925
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