Elephant Caravan with Natural Stone Beads and Jingle Bell Brass Charm Anklet

  • $13.99

Natural stones and brass charms adorn this beautiful artisan crafted anklet handmade by Khun Bird from Thailand. Made from reconstructed coral and turquoise with light 'jingle ball' and elephant charms, this piece can be worn by women and young girls of all ages. Great for festivals, outdoor events or a beach getaway!


Lai was exposed to the craft of jewelry making at a very early age. With knowledge and experience gained through this environment, Lai soon began making and designing jewelry of her own. Lai describes her passion for jewelry in her own words: “I work 7 days a week in many different locations, and I love what I do because it is fun for me. I’ve been approached by customers speaking in many different languages. I don’t understand their words but I have been able to understand their meaning because they’re talking about the art that I have designed and am passionate about. I can usually then sketch out what the customers are talking about, which makes my work even more fun.”

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SKU: AS-0005-TQR
Condition: New
Colors: Red, turquoise
Style: Handmade, elephant, animal, fashion, daily
Material: Natural stone, cotton wax rope, brass
Stones: Reconstructed turquoise, reconstructed red coral
Weight: 15.1 grams
Elephant Measurements: 15 mm (0.59 in) wide x 11 mm (0.43 in) long
Length: 10 inches long
Clasp Type: Toggle
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