Must Have!Carved Red Rose Marcasite Link 925 SilverBracelet

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~* Elegant & Beautiful Style *~

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Khun Daw is a hardworking artisan who had humble beginnings in the southern province of Surat Thani. Most of the families where she is from made a living working on coconut farms. K'Daw wanted to do something else. She loved making jewelry and other beautiful adornments. K'Daw was able to find a job at a silver manufacturer. She and her husband began saved their earnings and opened a small silver workshop. K'Daw incorporates colors and patterns that she sees in her everyday life in her designs.

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SKU: MB-0023-0
Condition: New
Metal: Sterling Silver
Finish: Rhodium, Oxidized
Style: Daily, Dressy
Weight: 35.8 grams
Gemstone: Marcasite, Resin
Overall Measurements: 7.25" length
Design Measurements: 18mm (0.71") wide
Resin Rose Measurements: 10mm diameter
Trademark: Stamped 925
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