Majestic Sunshine Turquoise Stone Brass Chain Statement Medallion Necklace

  • $35.99

This one-of-a-kind necklace, handcrafted by artisan L'Cherie from the Philippines, will make the perfect addition to your wardrobe. The necklace features reconstructed turquoise stones that radiate outward like the sun. Brass spiral accents are placed where the stones converge in the center. Make a statement wherever you go with this casual yet chic accessory.

PLEASE NOTE: The handcrafted nature of this product will produce minor differences in design, sizing and weight. Variations will occur from piece to piece, measurements may vary slightly.

Please note that pictures are not true to size, see dimensions for actual size.


Brian and Bella are siblings who love to design jewelry and handicrafts. They began learning their trade at a young age from their mother. Living in the Philippines, they are never far from the sandy beaches and the dynamic ocean, where they draw most of their inspirations. The pair enjoy fusing modern design principles with local and native material found in the islands such as shells, wood, and stones. To honor their mother, Brian and Bella decided to name the store after her, Cherie.

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SKU: NS-0643-BTQ
Color: Turquoise
Style: Handmade, Necklace
Material: Natural Stones, Brass
Gemstone: Reconstructed Blue Turquoise
Weight: 52 grams
Design Measurement: 100 mm (3.93 inch) wide x 90mm (3.54 inch) long
Necklace Length: 27 inch long
Clasp Type: S-Hook
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