Elegant Grandeur Glass Link Gold Vermeil Solid Brass Necklace

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Dramatic meets dazzling in this handcrafted piece from Thailand. The necklace features colorful glass on brass settings.


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Artisan Boonnum has been creating beautiful pieces of handmade jewelry for over 30 years and her expertise and passion come through with her amazing creations. She operates a simple jewelry shop in Tak, which is a small town in northern Thailand that is close to the border with Myanmar. This region of Thailand is renowned for stone mining and trading. This is where she developed her passion for jewelry making and she incorporates local stones that are mined nearby. She finds inspiration from nature and incorporates ancient jewelry making techniques to create her pieces. Boonnum describes her work as a beautiful mix of ancient traditions with a modern twist.

“I am very lucky to have found a craft that I am very passionate about. I am also very grateful for my partnership with AeraVida, which allows me to share my creations with the world. I hope you enjoy my art and you find a greater appreciation for the beauty of Thai culture.” - Boonnum

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SKU: YN-0002-RBY
Condition: New
Color: Ruby
Metal: Gold Plated over Solid Brass
Material: Glass in Ruby color
Style: Fashion
Weight: 22.8 grams
Oval Measurements: 7mm(0.27) wide x 9mm(0.35) long
Necklace length: 27 inch long
Clasp: M Clasp
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