Eternal Ankh Cross With Hieroglyphics .925 Silver Pendant

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Local Aeravida artisan Kung handcrafted this captivating sterling silver pendant. The pendant features an Egyptian ANKH that is embellished with hieroglyphs. The ANKH is symbolic of eternal life and was one of the most prominent symbols in ancient Egypt. This pendant is casual yet chic and can be paired with any outfit.


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Growing up in the cosmopolitan city of Bangkok, in Thailand, artisan Kung has always been artistic. She studied art in college and loves to draw and paint. The neighborhood where she lives is a mecca for artists and is dotted with coffee houses and art studios where art is fully celebrated. This environment has influenced Kung to be inventive with her jewelry design. She loves to express her creativity through her original pieces, which are inspired by the latest in fashion. Taking influences from a variety of cultures all over the world, she uses sterling silver as the medium of choice to create her beautiful artwork. We are sure you will love her innovative jewelry designs as much as we do.

“My name is Kung and I have been making jewelry for over 8 years now. My passion is designing the pieces, which is the first step of my process. After I have finalized my vision, it is passed onto my very talented production team. I like to call them the Dazzle Squad, consisting of my closest friends who are more like my family. They help make the pieces I design and then help me package and send out my orders. My little sister Yuu was a part of the Dazzle Squad but now she has moved on to designing her own original jewelry. We are all excited about this partnership with AeraVida because we want to reach a world market for our handcrafted jewelry.”


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SKU: PP-0259-0
Condition: New
Metal: Sterling Silver
Finish: Oxidized, polished
Style: Cross, symbol
Weight: 3.7 grams
Overall Measurements: 18 mm (0.71 inches) wide x 45 mm (1.77 inches) long with bail
Bail opening measurement: 3mm
Trademark: Stamped 925
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