Perfect Gift

It's a great feeling getting gifts but giving that perfect gift can feel even better. The problem is not knowing what to get for that someone on your list. Below are a few tips that helped me pick gifts that didn’t get re-gifted.

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Create a list of all the possible things associated with this person. Spending some time thinking of these before will give you a list to narrow down later. Examples may be Fashion, sports, cooking, or even that favorite tv show they constantly talk about.


First you need to consider who this gift is for, this will help you narrow down the possibilities for gifts. Think about your relationship with the person, and how you feel about them.


Consider your budget, It won’t do you any good if you begin searching and find a great gift option that you simply can’t afford. But also keep in mind the cost doesn't equate the value of a gift. A perfect gift thrives on the love, thoughtfulness, and effort behind the gift not the monetary value.


Any hobby or interest can guide your gift-giving, so don’t be afraid to let this guide you. Giving them a new opportunity to dedicate time to something they love will always be well received. Everyone has their favorite colors to wear or with which they prefer to decorate. When you are choosing items that fit into categories where colors matter, like jewelry and home goods, try to select an item in a color you know they already favor.

Still in need of some help? AeraVida took the time to create a budget-friendly gift list of the perfect handmade jewelry pieces to give this holiday season. You can check the list here


Shopping for an anniversary gift requires a little extra effort and you can’t just get anything. That last minute gift card with flowers on the way over or the Coffee maker she’s been asking for won’t cut it. This is the day that changed everything and you need something that’ll stand out for now and years to come.

Going with something thoughtful, personalized, or something that represents your partners interest or hobbies. A quality piece of handcrafted jewelry can be that perfect anniversary gift for her and add in some quality time together can make it the perfect day.