Victorious Elephant Quartet Artisan Carved Wood Square Tray

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A symbol of wisdom and strength, four elephants proudly pose while supporting an ornate rattan decorated tray. This multi-use tray can be used for keys, accessories or as a decorative centerpiece to a dining room table. Artisan Aree meticulously carves these pieces from locally sustainable rain tree wood in her village workshop in northern Thailand.

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Artisan Vichan grew up in a small village in northeastern Thailand, in an area surrounded by lush rainforest. At a young age, he found an appreciation for the beauty of nature. This has inspired Vichan to create beautiful artworks that celebrate nature while using natural and sustainable materials. Woodcarving has been in his family for generations and he was taught this craft by his father. With the money he earns from his business, Vichan is able to support his family while preserving the culture and heritage of his ancestors.

“The beauty of wood has inspired me to create these pieces. Both large and powerful, the trees of the forest hold these carvings within, my work is only to remove the extra wood. I am happy to share the beauty of my culture with the rest of the world through my creations.” -Vichan

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SKU: HW-0052-BRN
Color: Brown
Material: Rain Tree Wood
Finish: Wood
Style: Bowl, handmade decor, Tray,
Weight: 0.74 lbs
Tray Width: 6 inches wide
Height: 4 inches tall
Overall Measurements: 7 inches wide (including elephant)
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