Gothic Poker Spade Fleur De Lis Skull Rose .925 Biker Sterling Silver Ring-14

  • $54.99

~ Classic and Vintage Handcrafted Design of Menacing Skull within a Spade. A beautiful Fleur-De-Lis is engraved along the band to give this sterling silver ring an edgy allure ~
Please Note: This item is available in other sizes.


Khun O’ has a passion for jewelry and has devoted her life to her craft. She owns a silver shop along bustling Khao San Road. Khun O’s family also owns a small silver factory in the country side, which is operated by her husband and family. Khun O' has recruited and trained locals from the surrounding province to work in the factory. Khun O’ is truly appreciative of her family and community. Her kindness and warm personality motivates her team and provides many job opportunities for people from the province. When you walk into her shop, you can immediately feel the hospitality and warmth which comes from the culture that Khun O' and her husband have created.

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SKU: PR-0116-14
Condition: New
Size: 14
Metal: Sterling Silver
Finish: Oxidized
Style: Gothic
Weight: 13.6 grams
Measurements: 18 mm (0.71 in) wide in front
Band Measurement: slims to 5 mm
Trademark: Stamped 925
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